Hi everyone! I hope you all are well and had a great week. I had a hard time thinking of what to write this week, so I decided to write about a feeling I have been having a lot recently, annoyance.

There is a lot going to go on in the whole world and my world right now. Between COVID, the election, school, work, and sports, there are definitely quite a few things I am annoyed with, but to be completely up front, my main annoyance has been Cate.

I love Cate, but I have been very annoyed at everything she does recently. I think it is because we have been around each other way too much and despite her going to her program during the day, and me going to school, I still am annoyed.

Cate is very loud and her way of communicating is her "sounds," and she is a constant stream of them, and I have been getting very angry by them. She recently always seems to yell when I am trying to watch something or do school work, 2 very inconvenient times for someone to be SCREAMING. She also constantly watches me, and again recently this annoys me greatly. I have constantly felt like I have eyes on the back of my head, (yes there are always little eyes watching) and it is funny, but I do get annoyed with it.

I was talking to my best friend this afternoon and I was expressing to her about how Cate has been annoying me, and she says to me "you fight just like any other sisters." Little did she know, this set things in perspective for me. I do not have to feel as bad for being annoyed at Cate because despite everything, we are still just sisters.

We are your "typical" sisters even though our relationship still looks a little different. We fight, argue, and share the feeling of annoyance, but we are always sisters. It is as simple as that.

I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead. Thanks for reading.



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