NAA10 Deficiency Part 1

Updated: Oct 17

Hi everyone! I hope you all are well and are had a great week. These next 2 weeks I want to talk about Cate's diagnosed condition, NAA10 Deficiency. My family and I have both done projects on it recently and I want to share them.

We did not know what went wrong for Cate or what she had for 20 years. She was a mystery. My family did not have a diagnosis until December 2019. Cate had a de novo, one time lighting bolt, genetic mutation called NAA10 Deficiency. I am going to go into more depth next week about what NAA10 Deficiency is, but it is believed to affect her neurotransmitters. Cate has the most severe form of NAA10 Deficiency a person can get, but having answers has changed a lot for us.

My mom, Christa, was interviewed about our diagnosis story and experience for CHOP Epilepsy Neurogenetics Initiative. I am not going to say anything more so I do not spoil the article, so please enjoy it. Click on this link:

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend and week ahead!



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