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Hi everyone! I hope you all are well and had a good week. Today I want to talk about something I touched on last week: my family dealing with no help and no program for Cate.

COVID in Pennsylvania has reached an all time high. We have begun the lockdown process once again. No indoor dining, no indoor gatherings over 10, no outdoor gatherings over 50, all indoor stores and locations at 50% capacity, no winter sports, and schools might be closing down as well. Here is a graph showing the rise of PA cases:

As I mentioned last week, Cate's day program was shut down. The cases became too high for it to safely go on. COVID infiltrating a facility like that could potentially be deadly to many of the people there, so it had to shut down.

Even though my family and I completely understand and support this decision, it does not make it any less hard for us. Cate was in a solid routine with going to the program, and it has been very hard to get her out of the routine. She has been cranky and irritable because she does not like being in the house either. Cate being home as I have said many times, is a full time job for my parents. It does not allow my mom to work during the day due to the fact she has to have eyes on her all day. This is even harder with the lack of help we have.

We have no nurses or aids in the home helping with Cate. This is a huge challenge because again, my parents have to care of her solo all day. Despite how hard it is not having help in the home, we have decided as a family that not having help in the home is the best decision for us. We honestly can not trust and take the risk of bringing people into our home when cases are this bad because of the fact we do not know how Cate would be affected by COVID, and we do not want any of us getting it. If we can prevent the spread and risk, we will.

It is very hard to be in the position of having Cate home all the time. It is exhausting for my parents and is stressful for us all. Cate has been annoying me a whole lot because not having her home was a much needed Cate break for me. As I have expressed before, Cate is a great stressor for me (if you do not know what I am talking about read Anxiety, here is the link: It is also very hard because she is extremely loud and can make my Zoom calls and school work very hard to do and complete because of the distraction. She is difficult to have home, but we will figure it out once again like we have before in this pandemic.

These are crazy and unprecedented times, and all we can do it go with the flow. We have to take our challenges in stride and work with what we have. Luckily, we enjoy being together, so we have to make the most of it. Christmas is coming and we are holding onto the holiday spirit.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and I hope you have a great week ahead.


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