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Hi! How are you today? My name is Alex, I am 16 years old, and I have a sister with special needs. My older sister Cate has NAA10 Deficiency which is a genetic mutation that prevents her from walking, talking, and doing anything on her own. Even though I am Cate's younger sister, her disability has given me the role has older sister, and this is why I have named this blog, Big Little Sister.

Growing up having a sibling with special needs has presented me with a unique set of challenges and obstacles that not even my parents had answers for. I struggled how to tell people about Cate, deal with her challenges, and honestly how to live life with Cate. There is a very limited community of other kids who have siblings with special needs, and I want to bring this community together. No one has answers for you, and the only other people who could ever understand are other siblings of kids with disabilities.

I am creating this blog to provide my experiences growing up with Cate, and to help other siblings with the same questions I had. I hope you enjoy and please contact me with any questions or topics you would like me to talk about!


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